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We’ve evolved to serve you better by developing our new site, “HUG Your Money” to provide you with tons of fabulous features and expanded support. All your information has been imported for you, but you will need to reset your password to start.

Whether you are a PowerDownDebt or HUG Your Student Debt client already or just wanting to learn more, you’ll find everything you need in one place at our new home… HUG Your Money.

Beyond Debt -- Budget and Retirement Planning

We love helping clients bring their finances to the next level, so we’ve added HUG Your Budget to your Client Portal. HYB is our most comprehensive, customizable tool for business and personal expense tracking to date and can be a key component of organizing a comfortable lifestyle now and a successful retirement! Just look for the HUG Your Budget tab and watch the video tutorial to get started.

In addition, depending on your level of membership, your new Dashboard offers the ability to jump into group meetings or schedule time with your HUG Coach one-to-one, plus so much more

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HUG is different! It’s our formulas, methods, techniques and support that help rid you of your debt lightning fast. You'll shave years off your debt, save loads of interest, and your credit will improve - all without increasing your monthly outlay.

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Frances has been busy recording videos to answer virtually every question and expanding on topics in Podcasts and Interviews to keep you informed, and motivated 24/7.

Really pressed for time? Get FAST answers to our most common questions in our video FAQ BBQ area. Got 5 minutes or less? Check out her info-packed video shorts on demand in “WeHUG U.” Ready for more? Get a cup of coffee and settle in to learn industry secrets from professionals in in-depth interviews in “Hugger Mugger.” And, if you missed her morning radio show, you can get direct access to the podcasts of “Financial Fitness with The Money Doctor” without having to download a thing! All this is available through your Dashboard at no additional charge!

So, please do visit your Client Portal as always, but take advantage of this plethora of information you simply won’t find anywhere else. It’s our way of supporting you in your goal to manage your finances well and alleviate stress.