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Our patented, user-friendly software, proven strategies, and Professional Financial Coaching help get you, and keep you on track.

You can become 100% debt-free—without increasing your monthly outlay, or damaging your credit—budget successfully and retire well, all without sacrificing your lifestyle.

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HUG is Different!

Got Debt?

HUG is not consolidation, refinancing, settlement or bankruptcy. It’s our patented system and Coaching support that help rid you of your debt lightning fast. In fact, most HUG Clients pay less than 3% overall.* That frees up dollars to increase savings and improve your lifestyle. We can even help you build a realistic, workable budget.

Focused on Retirement?

Good for you! Let’s talk about maximizing those savings and securing a financially healthy retirement.

Debt, Budget, Retirement—all in one easy to use, well-organized place!


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* HUG is not a lender. “HEIR” HUG Effective Interest Rate is achieved by following your HUG Plan.

Here’s what’s in store for you as a HUG Member

We’re here to guide you but you retain complete control.
Financial wellness requires balance.
HUG helps you become 100% debt free—yes, even your mortgage—build strong cash reserves, manage future purchases and expenses, and retire comfortably.

You’ll learn about the “psychology of money” as your relationship with it (and often your partner) improves. Join other HUG Members. Enjoy financial wellness now and in the future.

As a Member, you’ll gain access to your own customizable Client Portal where your finances can be optimized by our robust, secure, fully dynamic debt, budget and retirement software. Everything is neatly organized and right at your fingertips. It’s your roadmap so you’re always in control.


PLUS, you’ll get your Membership Dashboard just loaded with on-demand video support, answers to questions, and SO much more! Digest it in bite-sized pieces or devour it as a financial syllabus – your choice.

In addition, every Member receives unlimited access to the Financial Fitness with The Money Doctor radio show podcasts and Dr. Rahaim’s book Debt or Alive, Positive Uplifting Stories About Life After Debt. Great to use as a companion text to your HUG Plan. Each chapter includes real-life stories from people just like you, juxtaposed with valuable, relatable tips and information straight from The Money Doctor herself.

Choose to DIY it, or enroll in one of our Coaching Plans, and your HUG Financial Coach will work with you to “solution-ize” and bring your financial goals and dreams to fruition!

Manage Your Debt

If you have Debt, you’ll continue to make your payments directly to your creditors. Your credit will improve and we’ll help organize and automate things to alleviate stress and keep things running smoothly. Simply follow your accelerated debt schedule in your Client Portal.

Maximize Your Retirement

You’ll find HUG Your RetirementTM invaluable for playing ‘What If’ scenarios, projecting expenses and forecasting income. Your income, assets and other financial details, all organized in one place, where you and your HUG Financial Coach can dial in the numbers and focus on financial wellness, so you can feel confident about enjoying a comfortable retirement.

Create a Workable Budget

HUG Your BudgetTM, our proprietary expense tracking system, is always at the ready in your Client Portal to help pull everything together for your personal and/or your business expenses. Choose one of our Coaching Plans and we’ll make suggestions and together, build a personalized, flexible Model Month for use as your guide.

HUG plans start at just $39 per month*.

Retirement strategizing is included in our Coaching Plans which start as low as $79 monthly.

(see plan details)

We build relationships based on trust!
No long-term contract. Cancel anytime.
*DIY plan price. DIY plans do not include retirement planning.

Here’s What Real People Are Saying About HUG.

These are not actors. Each volunteered to record their story for our website in an effort to help others find financial peace of mind. Enjoy!

Real People, Real Challenges  Real Solutions!

Shannon and Kevin R.

What would make someone volunteer to tell their most personal financial thoughts on the air–for free? Meet this hard-working, turned early-retired couple and find out.

Wendy and David P.

They were getting married and wanted to be on the same page financially, and out of debt as quickly as possible. Their financial advisor recommended HUG Your Money.

Sheryl S. and Robin D.

This couple had virtually zero debt. Robin saw retirement as a big gaping hole and Sheryl was afraid a fixed income would dash their dreams of travel. They wanted to make their money work for them. Watch their story unfold in this filmed radio interview.

Carrie and Mike P.

When medical tragedy struck, their lives turned on a dime. Serious financial fallout ensued. They chose to use HUG Your Money to strengthen their marriage and get back on their feet financially.

Leah S.

After moving during the recession, Leah and Jason were saddled with debt. Despite their efforts, it didn’t seem to be declining.

Jill I. and Bill K.

After their livelihood burned to the ground, Bill couldn’t see retirement as a possibility–ever. Jill felt the pressure of managing the household finances like a crushing responsibility. Check out how their doing now.

Ethel S.

Single Mom puts 4 kids through college,and ends up buried in credit card debt. She needed a HUG and turned to us for support.

Joel M.

Joel felt like a hamster in a wheel.He just wanted to break the cycle and pay off his debt without having to get a second job. Watch this two part video to the end to see his progress.

Ray G.

Megan and Hannah’s parents were squirreling away $1000 monthly for college and it wasn’t nearly enough. How would they get their daughters through college without sacrificing retirement?

Helen M.

She knew she’d never be a millionaire. All she wants is a pretty house, dinner out once a week and an annual vacation.