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With state of the art, unique, user-simple software, logical debt-attack strategies,
and guidance from qualified, independent financial coaches.

We get you out of debt completely: mortgages, cars, cards, and student loans — all kinds of debt — 100% repaid in full.

And with HUG you won't need to pay more monthly, harm your credit score nor sacrifice your lifestyle.

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This is not consolidation, refinancing, settlement or bankruptcy.

HUG is different! It’s our formulas, methods, techniques and support that help rid you of your debt lightning fast.

You'll shave years off your debt, save loads of interest, and your credit will improve - all without increasing your monthly outlay.

We'll give you a free, confidential, personalized analysis in less than ten minutes, with no obligation, no pressure and no spam.

Finally, feel GOOD about your finances with an affordable monthly membership.

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Here at HUG Your Money you're in good company, with members all over the world taking control of their money right now.

As a member you gain access to your personalized Dashboard and Client Portal. Here you'll find our fully dynamic debt acceleration software, HUG Your Budget and all the on demand video and coaching support you need, not only to become 100% debt free but to forecast for retirement, fund future purchases, build cash reserves, plan for college fees and SO much more.

We have DIY Members who describe themselves as self-disciplined, self-starters with an uncomplicated financial picture, using our debt and budgeting software to stay on top of their personal finances.

We have Group Guided Members, who join in with our regular Zoom meetings for Q&A sessions to build their money-wisdom, stay motivated and get advice on individual needs...

and we have Full Financial Coaching Members, with their uniquely complex circumstances, “financial baggage” or investment requirements who enjoy one-to-one Zoom meetings, video and text messaging and tailor-made personalized solutionizing.

HUG plans start at just $39 per month.

You're in control. You continue to make your payments to your creditors directly, while our system guides you automatically.

We work for YOU. We don't report to credit reporting agencies, and no one will know you're working with us unless you tell them.

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Here’s what’s in store for you as a HUG Member.

We’re here to guide you but you retain complete control. Your creditors get paid in full. Your credit will improve. You’ll learn how to build cash reserves, handle financial emergencies and save for a comfortable retirement. You’re relationship with money will improve and you will finally be able to enjoy the life you imagined — a future that's free from financial worries.

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