Meet Frances Rahaim, Ph.D., The Money Doctor

Rahaim, host of the radio show “Financial Fitness with The Money Doctor” author of “Debt or Alive”, has devoted more than 35 years to educating clients, and helping them improve their relationship with money.

As a Registered Investment Advisor/Independent Broker since age 23, Dr. Rahaim founded PowerDownDebt, Inc.™ during the housing crisis in January of 2008, later adding HUG Your Student Debt,™ in 2017 and finally in 2020, rebranding with the broader HUG Your Money™ name to better demonstrate the comprehensive debt, budget, retirement financial planning model.

A problem-solver at heart, Frances focuses on lifestyle, and is determined to dispel the stigma surrounding monetary issues, and to alleviate stress associated with the same.

You might say Dr. Rahaim, aka “The Money Doctor”, sees things through a wider lens than many other financial professionals, unusually addressing debt as a primary (yet virtually ignored) threat to a comfortable retirement. Accordingly, HUG Your Money helps Members become debt-free, improve credit, budget wisely, build savings, and turn their retirement dreams into reality.

Her talent for understanding the human condition as it relates to money, deciphering complex situations, and finding creative resolutions has earned her the moniker of “Solutionizer.” Nowhere is this more evident than HUG Your Money—her most comprehensive, affordable, credit-savvy money-management software and financial coaching program.

She believes translating complex financial topics to accessible language is paramount, and strongly encourages experiential learning. Rahaim particularly enjoys empowering people to gain control of their finances and think things through to make informed decisions from a place of knowledge rather than impulse or fear.

Utilizing her patented software and coaching system, Dr. Rahaim and her HUG Team help motivate and support Members, improve vital money- management skills and achieve their short and long-term financial goals.

To date ‘The Money Doctor’s’ coaching and software has helped thousands of loyal followers pay for college, retire comfortably, create workable budgets, save billions of dollars in debt payments, and enjoy financial peace of mind, now and in the future.