is the positive, proven solution to managing your Debt, Budget & Retirement.
Yes, ALL your debt — even mortgages and student loans!

Most people have some kind of debt — I did!

I'm not talking about just credit card debt. Mortgages, Student Loans, Car loans… It's all Debt.
It's soaking up your income and impairing your ability to save.

Let's face it. Debt Affects Retirement in a BIG WAY!

But there’s hope! Even if you can’t afford to send extra to your creditors, HUG can help you retire your Debt quickly and improve your Retirement picture significantly!

Take a moment to total your monthly debt payments, remembering to include ALL Debt.
Now… imagine that money in your pocket.

Retiring Debt is a Double Whammy!
Without those monthly obligations, you could SAVE MORE, and NEED LESS to retire.

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Here’s how HUG helps get and keep your plan on track

Personalized Client Portal

As a Member you’ll gain access to your own personalized Client Portal and Dashboard. Here you’ll find your fully customized, dynamic Debt Payment Strategy to help you stay the course and pay off all your debt in half the time or less. And, HUG Your Budget to help manage and balance all your other expenses. Plus, for motivation and support, loads of on-demand video tutorials, FAQs, expert interviews, webinars and more are all available in your private Dashboard area at no additional cost.


Once you enroll in the program you’ll have access to our personal financial coaches and Money Doctor webinars. We’ll not only help you pay off your debt lightning-fast, we’ll coach you as you balance your budget, build cash reserves, and plan for a comfortable retirement, all without sacrificing your lifestyle. Along the way you learn valuable money management skills, improve your relationship with money, and by extension, maybe even your relationship with your partner!

Contingency Model

We know that fresh challenges are always emerging, so HUG is designed to run forecast scenarios to help you conquer difficult challenges and realize your dreams. HUG helps you adjust with speed and agility to handle unexpected expenses without derailing your plan — all safely and efficiently, presenting various options for you to choose from, giving you the feedback and data you need to feel calm about your finances.

Is your situation unusually complex? Maybe you’d just feel better with one-to-one guidance?

Our full financial coaching plan goes far beyond debt, to help you manage complex financial matters like budgeting, retirement planning and business finances, even mindset and other challenges successful people and entrepreneurs like you face.

We love 'solutionizing' unique problems and putting the full expertise of HUG to work for you!

Let's begin a conversation so we can better understand your current situation, and how we can alleviate your stress so you can focus on your future.

Your experience brought you this far. Working with a HUG coach is your next smart decision.

HUG plans start at just $39 per month.

You're in control. You continue to make your payments to your creditors directly, while our system guides you automatically.

We work for YOU. We don't report to credit reporting agencies, and no one will know you're working with us unless you tell them.

3 Plans to Choose From


  • HUG's interactive online Client Portal for managing your budget and debt
  • Personalized dashboard with access to our extensive library of video tutorials, interviews with experts in plain language, and video FAQs
  • On-boarding Zoom session
  • E-Book Debt or Alive by Dr. Frances Rahaim

Sometimes Doing It Yourself just feels right. Still, you may benefit from professional guidance. For you we offer our DIY plan. With DIY you get video FAQs, and webinars and access to our interactive, dynamic Client Portal with debt and budget tools, plus a personalized dashboard area just like our other plans. The DIY plan does not include group or independent meetings or podcasts.

Give yourself the best chance for success by choosing the right plan from the start. If DIY is a perfect fit for you great! If, however you want more support or price is driving your decision, don’t cheat yourself by being penny-wise and pound-foolish. We know adding a payment to your monthly outlay can be difficult but remember, this is the payment that helps you dig OUT of your current situation!

Group Guided

Our most popular plan! You get everything in DIY plan PLUS...

  • Weekly group video coaching calls with Q&A sessions
  • Podcasts - Full access to episodes of Dr. Rahaim's radio show "Financial Fitness with The Money Doctor." Listen in straight from your Dashboard. Nothing to download!

Members love this motivational support and guidance, to help keep their plans on track!

Do you do best with structure and a sense of some accountability? Most of us do, which is probably why, along with its affordable monthly membership, Group Guided is our most popular plan.

You’ll receive knowledgeable support and guidance through convenient weekly group video meetings, plus access to an extensive library of video FAQs, webinars and podcasts so you can advance at your own comfortable pace. This plan helps you feel inspired, in control and motivated to stay on track.

Group Guided is right for you if…

  • Your needs include debt, budget and/or retirement planning
  • You are able to meet your minimum monthly payments or send extra
  • You do not have a complex situation needing one-to-one assistance
  • Are not in a financial crisis situation

Want more? Please consider our Full Financial Coaching plan.

Full Financial Coaching

You get everything in the DIY and Group Guided plans PLUS...

  • "Solutionizing!" - Custom-tailored solutions for complex financial situations.
  • Private video sessions. Benefit from our special attention and personalized advice without having to pay hourly fees.
  • Direct contact with Dr. Rahaim - 1-1 coaching support for one low monthly fee.

It's like having a financial guru on retainer, but without the hourly fees! Imagine if your attorney or accountant offered such a service?

The name says it all—"Full Financial Coaching.” Whether you want the top level of support so you can manage your finances like a pro, or you just need the Money Doctor’s personal attention for a specific situation, this is the plan for you. Comprehensive debt, budget and retirement planning support with ”Solutionizing” (Dr. Rahaim’s specialty) for even the most complex situations. The more complicated it is, the more rewarding it to us to help you. Let’s work together to find the most optimal outcome for your financial situation now and in the future.

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You'll feel good about money when your debt is evaporating and your future becomes secure. Play the video below to hear from some of our members.

Carol M.

"I wish to take this opportunity to thank you for teaching me to lower my debt and to truly be comfortable with money and being able to manage it without freaking out. A very valuable body of knowledge! I think everyone should utilize your services.

Thank you so much for your calm, lack of judgment approach. I left your office that day feeling very confident about money and all it’s potential pitfalls as well as its benefits.

Thank you so much,
Carol M.
PS: loved your book!"

Sue B

"Super excited another card will be paid off beginning April. Then on to next.

LOVE seeing the progress. Such a good feeling!!

Thanks again for everything